Monday, April 30, 2012

big dreams

Here's an ATC I made for Marian that I forgot to post. The theme that Kendall had come up with was, "One of these things is not like the other". The stamp is from VLVS (yet another grab bag stamp). "Caroline" is closer to the other 'kats in the stamp, but I cut her out to make her stand out from the crowd. Had a lot of fun dressing her up with different trims. This was not an easy task since she's only an inch and a half tall. The background is watercolors. The words are computer-generated. (If you like the stamp - search VLVS for "meercat" instead of "meerkat" - he's got it spelled with a "c" - store link to the right>>>. And once again, I'm not affiliated with them, just a big fan... and I know a group of ladies who are fond of meerkats.)


  1. Aww, she is too cute!

  2. My pick a theme category on SCS was Fascinator Hats---this would have been a great ATC to complement my group. Caroline looks like she is going to the Royal Wedding.

  3. Ssssnicker...snort.... hee hee!