Thursday, August 23, 2012

green and gold santa sled

Here is my second - and final - sled for the swap. Yay - love small swaps! Used a mold for the face. Didn't like the hat he was wearing so I pressed the top of his head back into the beard portion of the mold. As I mentioned before, these sleds are just a few inches long. Very fun size to work with. Photo below is a side view to show the chunkiness.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

sled of happiness

I'm in a swap where we alter sleds (I'm making two different ones). Dena got hold of a ton of little wood sleds (can't remember the details other than there were a couple of cases of them). They're pretty small - about 2" x 6".

This is my first effort. I gessoed it, then painted with light blue acrylic, and gave it a good sanding. Added some wood medallions (also painted and sanded). Stamped with my Studio G happiness stamp (featured in my first post in this happiness blog of mine) - using the Tim Holtz acrylic paint dauber I got from his class. I had Mike drill holes in the sled and the little guy's belly so I could screw him into place. Figured that would be a lot stronger than glue - which will be needed because whomever ends up with him will want to have fun posing him. I couldn't resist painting the bottoms of his feet red for just a tiny pop of color. This design is very simple, but somehow I spent many hours on this guy (and his twin brother - had to make a second one to keep). I noodled over many different ideas to add more... putting a tree on the sled, having him hold a snowflake, balancing miniature dishes on his hands and feet, painting the flowers red, etc., etc., but decided simple was best.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

cottage cheese?

Last Friday I brought a bunch of out-of-town friends (who came in for the Stampaway convention) to Your Stamping Cottage. There were eight of us shopping. What fun! It was Ramona's second-to-last day in business, so it was also sad for me. As soon as I walked out the door I started crying like a baby. This picture is me and Ramona doing our best "cheeeeese" smiles.