Saturday, August 18, 2012

sled of happiness

I'm in a swap where we alter sleds (I'm making two different ones). Dena got hold of a ton of little wood sleds (can't remember the details other than there were a couple of cases of them). They're pretty small - about 2" x 6".

This is my first effort. I gessoed it, then painted with light blue acrylic, and gave it a good sanding. Added some wood medallions (also painted and sanded). Stamped with my Studio G happiness stamp (featured in my first post in this happiness blog of mine) - using the Tim Holtz acrylic paint dauber I got from his class. I had Mike drill holes in the sled and the little guy's belly so I could screw him into place. Figured that would be a lot stronger than glue - which will be needed because whomever ends up with him will want to have fun posing him. I couldn't resist painting the bottoms of his feet red for just a tiny pop of color. This design is very simple, but somehow I spent many hours on this guy (and his twin brother - had to make a second one to keep). I noodled over many different ideas to add more... putting a tree on the sled, having him hold a snowflake, balancing miniature dishes on his hands and feet, painting the flowers red, etc., etc., but decided simple was best.


  1. This is so creative, would you mind sharing where you found the little man? I'd like to have one of these for my tree this Christmas, and I know the swap hostess will be keeping this. Why wouldn't she? You are an inspiration!

  2. The simplicity just adds to the charm...and the POP of red on his soles is the perfect touch.

  3. This is the most perfect little sled! I totally love it! I think I will have to make one for myself, too. If I were the swap hostess I'd be keeping this one! You are a creative genius!