Sunday, July 15, 2012


We got two kittens yesterday! Mike's friend brought home a stray cat, and she had kittens on Memorial Day. They were having trouble finding homes for all of them, so we decided to take two of them. Cats are so easy to take care of - two really aren't much more trouble than one. We used to have four cats a long time ago. Then we got dogs. Now we have both!

They're adjusting very well. Still a little nervous, but are playing much more. They eat like crazy, and know how to use the litter box - yay! They don't let the dogs get too close, but they don't run away either, which is great. The dogs are doing surprisingly well - just a lot of curious sniffing. No barking or growling or nipping. The dogs do seem a little more clingy than normal - just some jealously over all the attention the new pets are getting.

Right away Mike named one of them Lily Potter (after Harry's mum). For the other one we think we might go with another flower - Daisy.


  1. I'm in love! They are absolutely adorable. Congrats.

  2. Precious! And what a handsome boy, too!

  3. You know I'm primarily a dog person, but these pictures are so precious. Having been fortunate enough to meet them in person, I can tell you that they really didn't like me that much, lol, but the dogs were just bundles of love!