Wednesday, July 18, 2012

more kitty pics

A couple of family members thought that in the previous kitten pictures they couldn't get a good idea of how tiny the kitties are. So here are two more photos of these little six-week-old furballs. Playing on my laptop while I'm trying to use it - silly kitties! And playing with Mike's shoe.

By the way, apparently we need an anatomy lesson. The kitty with more white on it has really big front paws compared to the other one, and I thought hmmm... usually kittens that are going to grow up to be big boy cats have big feet. So I did a little research on the internet, and boy kittens aren't always obvious until they're a little older than six weeks. We're pretty sure one is a girl and one is a boy. Name change time. Mike had orginally wanted to name a boy kitten Chairman Meow, but not he's not sure. So we have Lily and her no-name brother.


  1. OMG...too adorable. Looks like they want to start a blog. Chairman Meow is cute. How about Purr-cy or Claw-d.

  2. Adorable little balls of fluff! They will bring you much joy! Love the names you have picked for them, especially Lily Potter. But then, our kitty (now full-grown cat) was given the name Tonks by my girls. We are all Harry Potter fans in our house.