Tuesday, September 11, 2012

shameless begging for money

Our high school band needs money. These days, all school band programs need money. I offered to make custom Scrabble tile charms to sell as a fundraiser for the band, and thought I would expand the effort to my blog. I am donating all of my supplies for the charms and necklaces, so 100% of your payment goes to all the band programs (symphonic, orchestra, marching, percussion, jazz) and the color guard.

Here's the deal:  I will make you any custom Scrabble tile charm you want for $10 each, plus $2 to cover a padded envelope and US postage. If you're local, I can give it to you in person. The price includes a free necklace of your choice - there's ball chain (18"), black rubber cord (adjustable 17.5" to 19.5"), and ribbon/cord combo (adjustable 17" to 19"). In the ribbon/cord I have mostly red, but other colors are available; if you have a favorite color, ask me - I might have it. The ball chain can be cut shorter to use for key chains, etc.

They're great for necklaces, key chains, zipper pulls, purse and backpack charms, rearview mirror danglies, etc., etc. I can use any photo you have, or help you find pictures of anything - school logos, celebrities, famous paintings, Hello Kitty - the possibilites are endless. Personal pictures could include kids, bride, pets, memorial keepsake - anything. I can also add text to the photo - just as long as it's not too many characters.

I use genuine Scrabble tiles, and and the front is covered with a protective clear dome. I may or may not be able to use the letter of your choice ("J", for example, is probably not available because there's only one of them in a set of 100 Scrabble tiles). As you can see, the metal bail covers up part of the letter anyway.

You can email me a photo of any size, and I will resize it for you. Full resolution digital photos are actually best. So, send me an email and we'll hammer out all the details. What are you waiting for???!!!

p.s. I want to say thanks to my friend Lara who got me hooked on these Scrabble tiles!

p.p.s. Yes, that's poor little Addie looking miserable with her snow-covered face

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  1. These are adorable and I would love to order one with a "T" using a picture of our kitty. Should I email you a photo to use?