Tuesday, December 18, 2012

it's been a while...

It's been ages since I've posted here - hopefully I can get back into regular postings. An update on my Scrabble charm fundraiser:  so far, I've donated $760 to the high school band program - woo hoo!

Craft show season is over, thankfully. Every year I ask myself why I do it. I put tons of time and money into making things and I really don't make that much money from it. I don't look forward to making mass quantities of anything. Set up and break down is a huge ordeal. Show fees keep going up. Maybe next year I'll make the break.....

Here's a picture of some button rings I made for craft shows. I also have button bracelets. I won't bore you with photos of snowman poop, post-it note holders, and other caca that I only make because it sells.

Isn't this metal hand wonderful? I can't remember where I got it. I know I've gotten a lot of cool metal items at Hobby Lobby, but it seems I've had this hand longer than Hobby Lobby has been open in our area.


  1. Love these rings, sistah! And come on over to Etsy to sell-I hear you on the whole craft fair deal.

  2. Yup, selling takes some of the fun out of crafting. I do donate cards to my daughter/granddaughter's hula fundraisers and have donated cards to Ronald McDonald House. When my SIL was teaching, she'd sell my cards in the teachers' lounge. $760 is a nice chunk of change for the band. Love your display of the rings.