Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here's a pennant I made for Phyllis' swap. I love this image of a singing cowboy, and of course I love the red/black/silver combination. The concho thingy (attached with black hemp) is from a set of beads I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby - wow, there are some amazing clearance deals in January. I've got orange sticker fever!

The sheet music is actually from a French horn book that we got at a library book sale in Cincinnati last year (that was a fun time!). Hmmm, just got an image in my head of a cowboy sitting by the campfire, playing the French horn!

The bandana is one that I wore on my bald head. I had actually purchased a new one for this project, but remembered that I had saved all my old bandanas (ha - I first typed 'bananas' - that would be gross to save old bananas!). Why keep them all when I can use one for something special and fun. Oh, and by the way, let me just say - IT FEELS GREAT TO HAVE HAIR AGAIN!

On the back of the pennant is a nice textured brown paper, with a vintage photo of a little boy dressed as a cowboy, playing a little guitar.

I'll be posting other pennants from the swap. When I get around to it....


  1. I love this, Susan! The image is great, and the fact that you used one of your personal bandanas makes it all the more special!! Of course, now I have the image of a cowboy sitting by the campfire with his French horn in my head, too!

  2. Awesome pennant, babes!Welcome to the blog world. I love it that you state not to expect regular posts. Lol. I havn't posted since September last year :)