Thursday, February 16, 2012

more pennants

Here are two more pennants I made for Phyllis' swap. For this one I did a background with a mixture of acrylic paint and glazing medium - went for a water-look. The edges are embossed in silver. Embellished with some flowers, pearl sprays, and Stickles. The flowers are made from hard plastic and aren't made to sit flat - so I punched holes in the chipboard to act as a kind of cradle for the flowers. I also attached the pearl centers with wire that I brought through to the back side to make them extra secure.

This is one of the ones I copied for some of my postcards. Used dress pattern in background. Twill ribbon. Lots of Tea Dye ink. And my favorite part - zipper flowers I made. I had originally envisioned putting lots more on this one - buttons, stickpins, etc., but when I layed them on top of what I already had done, it just felt too busy.


  1. I love it, I love it... and I recognise the seamstress too! She looks great in a pennant and postcard, thanks Susan!

  2. It was so hard to swap these out, I wanted to keep them all. In the end, I had to keep the bandana cowboy, it's such a personal thing.