Friday, February 17, 2012

vintage glass buttons

 Here are some really cool vintage buttons that were a gift from my friend Phyllis (who is also very cool). They're irridescent glass - each one an amazing little work of art. I got this frame at Hobby Lobby (only $4 - my favorite store!). The next picture is where the buttons will live for now.

I like stuff. I have stuff all over my craft room (which is also the guest room). Here is one little arrangement of stuff. Phyllis' buttons, in front of my cherry-scented candle (that I don't burn, I just like the smell of the candle itself). Next to a toothpick holder - the bird picks up the toothpick with his beak. Next to a metal tray holding my new favorite stamp that I got at my new favorite local stamp store - which I will post about soon. In front of a wooden box I probably got at Hobby Lobby. Sitting on another wooden box - that I got at Goodwill for a couple bucks.


  1. I'm so honored to see that my buttons have a place in your home. I love them, and it's time to stop hoarding and start sharing :-)

  2. I like stuff too, and this is some kind of wonderful stuff! LOL